Welcome to Versus

What is it?

To oversimplify, Versus Mod allows you to chase your friends and favorite streamers scores, neatly organized into playlists, while at the same time letting you know if you beat them at the end of each song, all the while also letting you directly challenge streamers via Twitch chat. starts breathing again


To use this website, there is no need to create an account with another password to remember, you simply login using your  Steam account. The login is handled by Steam's OpenID system, so the only information this website receives back from steam is who you are.


Versus fully supports Oculus Home users as well, however, you still need a Steam account, as this is where your friends are pulled from.

To get started as an Oculus user, just login with your Steam account, goto profile, and link your Oculus account; after this start the game with the mod installed and it will behave as if you're a Steam user.


Be sure to join our  Discord server where you can get more information, keep current with whats coming to Versus, get more help if you need it, or just to say hi!

Playlist Generation

You can chase your friends scores, by generating a curated playlist for them. To do this, head into the mod itself "Versus Playlist", find your friend (or pick all), set your options for difficulties, then hit generate! After you have your newely created playlists, just select it in Solo Play, and start crushing those scores.

Playlists require BeatSaverDownloader and/or SongBrowser be installed, and your newley created playlists can be found along the bottom bar in your packs (if using BeatSaverDownloader).

⚔️ Challenges

Challenges at the moment are a tool for streamers to use, to add a new layer of interactivity to your stream. As a streamer, you will need to link your Twitch account, then you can begin receiving challenges from your viewers.

How can I ⚔️ challenge someone?

As a viewer, you will need to also have your Twitch account linked.

After your Twitch is linked, you will need to bring up a comparison page, if you are Steam friends, you can do this via the Friends link, or find them via the Twitch link.

Once you have the comparison page, you can look through the songs you're beating them on, or if you toggle the All Scores option you can see songs they do not have scores on. Now, find a song you wish to challenge them on and click the Twitch icon to copy the !challenge command you can just paste in chat.

Can I ⚔️ challenge someone now and install mod when I get home?

Unfortunately, until you  Download the mod from the website, or from the #downloads channel in  Discord and place in with the rest of your plugins versusmod.com has no way of knowing your score to issues ⚔️ challenges against.

The simple answer was nice, but can I get a bit more info?

Breakdown - The mod is one Versus.dll file to be put in your Plugins folder. It has four parts:

  1. The backend (this website), or API that holds your scores. Just having the mod and running the game does this
  2. The playlist generator. You choose a friend/all friends and select the difficulty levels and generate playlists.
  3. Gloats (colorize, change, disable in settings). The results screen at the end of each song allows for extra info on friends you are beating/losing to. It allows also to concede/ban songs.
  4. Twitch Challenges. This allows other viewers that play the game and use the mod to issue you challenges from Twitch chat.

Welcome to Versus